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Hello! We are a family of 4 with 6 dogs (3 of them Border Collies), 14 chickens, 7 goats, and 3 pigs. Yep, we love animals! We live on 10 wooded acres in hills of North Plains, OR, which we lovingly call "The Hart Farm." Our family fell in love with the Border Collie breed after having 2 of our own and decided to "make more" and share them with other fellow lovers of Border Collies in the area. Please scroll down to see the news on our latest litter.


Two puppies left!

The big guy, Apollo, is now home with his new owners bringing joy and melting hearts! We think he found the perfect new parents... or they found him! 

The puppies turned 13 weeks on Friday, July 8!

Contact us to make an appointment to come visit!

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A little about Border Collies.

Affectionate & Playful

Border Collies are a very affectionate and loyal breed. They are super lovey and thrive off of the love and attention of their owners. Border Collies are also known to be very playful, energetic dogs, wanting to play fetch or tug-of-war well into their adult years.

Adaptable & Trainable

Border Collies can handle changes in environment, schedule, noise and weather quite well.  They are also extremely trainable with the proper time and attention (but they're also ok just lounging on the couch with you during a good movie!). Border Collies love to please their owners.

Watchful & Protective

Border Collies are very intelligent dogs and are great at alerting you to potential threats (even if it's just a squirrel!). They do well with strangers when they see that their owner accepts the person.

Better with Older Kids

Border Collies do great with older kids or kids that have been around other dogs and behave well around dogs. While each dog is different, it is recommend that Border Collies remain supervised around young children that may be new to being around dogs.

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